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Welcome to Just Jessica Veale Enterprise LLC.

Where we're dedicated to moving hope forward. Through innovative programs crafted with passion and purpose, we're igniting positive change in our communities and beyond. From empowering job training initiatives to fostering mental health awareness and will soon provide essential housing assistance. Our diverse range of programs aims to uplift and inspire individuals from all walks of life. Join us as we continue to create meaningful connections, build bridges of opportunity, and spread hope to every corner of the globe. Together, we're making a difference and transforming lives, one program at a time."

If I can achieve my dreams, you can too! Jessica Veale is a 2x Best Selling Author

Every author in this anthology is all fierce and world changers because of their struggles, victories & by the power of their testimonies!

Each and every author in this book has a voice that will make impact and our voices will heal, strengthen, inspire, and motivate the masses. This inspiring anthology “Igniting The World With Our Voices” is for every person that knows that they have a voice that matters and is needed in this dispensation of time. This anthology is a clarion call for us all to stand tall, be relevant and effectively change our world. We can no longer sit and be just spectators, but we must actively use our voices for good.

"Life's richness isn't measured by possessions, but by the depth of our experiences and the love we share."

"Your Why Matters, From Proverty to Promise!

Join Jessica Veale on a transformative journey through her chapter, 'Your Why,' in the anthology book 'Igniting the Millionaire, Become Her to Be Her.' In this empowering collection, Jessica unveils the profound truth that financial freedom is not only attainable but also aligned with God's divine will for our lives. Through her insightful contribution, Jessica sheds light on the misconception that Christians must endure financial struggles to lead a holy life. Instead, she passionately advocates for embracing God's promise of abundance and prosperity. With unwavering faith, Jessica encourages readers to surrender to God's will, unlocking a path to financial stability and living a life of purpose and abundance. Discover the key to breaking free from financial bondage and stepping into a future filled with God's blessings and prosperity."

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#TTURADIO Tune into "True Testimony Unveiled Radio" & Win! This podcast is founded on the divine oracles of heaven, serving those with a kingdom mindset. "True Testimony Unveiled Radio'' is built on a foundation to encourage, empower & ignite it's listeners during their transitional seasons. We are located on several audio podcast platforms, as well as Facebook & YouTube. Tune In and enjoy prophetic bible study teachings, powerful testimonies, real day to day obstacles, "hot topics" and more!


Express Your Salvation in Style & Comfort!

Check Out Jesus Peace Brand Apparel!

With every design, we aim to inspire, to spread a message of hope, and to let your clothing be a statement of your deepest beliefs. Our commitment to quality ensures you get not just fashionable attire, but a symbol of your unwavering dedication to peace and salvation. Choose us for clothing that goes beyond style, making a profound impact and expressing your faith with every wear. Discover our story and meet the people that make our brand what it is. SHOP NOW!


JJV ENTERPRISE COSMETICS! "Empowering Beauty, Inside and Out"

Beauty isn't just about appearance; it's a powerful force that uplifts women, strengthening their faith and empowering their spirits. At Just Jessica Veale Enterprise LLC., we believe in affirming our sisters with influential beauty cosmetic products that enhance both inner and outer radiance. Because true beauty lies not only in how we look, but in the love, kindness, and strength we radiate from within.


Light Up A Life with your Eyes! Let someone enjoy the beauty in your eyes with Infinity Beauty's Spring Collection 2022 "Queen Allure Eye Shadow Palette"! YOU ARE INFINITY BEAUTY! YOUR BEAUTY IS ENDLESS!


Empowering Faith Through Modern Media: Spreading Truth Beyond Borders!"

"MindWays Talkin Topics Show dives deep into fundamental biblical discernment, exploring timeless truths in today's digital age. Join us as we navigate through the wisdom of Scripture and contemporary issues, aiming to inspire and enlighten through modern media."