Igniting The World With Our Voices

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Excitement is radiating like a sound wave in the air and reaching all around our universe. Most importantly I recognize that every author in this anthology are all fierce and world changers! Why, because I can feel the ripple affect our words will make on a global scale. Each and every author in this book has a voice that will make impact and our voices will heal, strengthen,
inspire, and motivate the masses. This inspiring anthology “Igniting The World With Our Voices” is for every person that knows that they have a voice that matters and is needed in this dispensation of time. This anthology is a clarion call for us all to stand tall, be relevant and effectively change our world. We can no longer sit and be just spectators, but we must actively
use our voices for good. “Igniting The World With Our Voices” is a collective movement that has had to be birthed in this dispensation of Covid 19. Our entire world has felt the effects of this virus that has taken so many lives. During this dispensation of lost, pain, devastation, and confusion we recognize that we are the difference makers. It’s a call we all embrace as a collection of authors with a united goal of healing, restoration, rebirthing and even greatness.