Helping Hands Victory Outreach "Transforming Lives, Building Hope"


Mission Statement: Helping Hands Victory Outreach, a program under Just Jessica Veale Enterprise LLC, aims to serve the community by providing rehabilitation and transitional services to individuals in need, including those living in shelters, single parents, and individuals on parole. Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve independence and stability through comprehensive support services and transitional housing.


  1. Provide transitional housing and support services for individuals in need.
  2. Offer public transportation services, credit repair, job finding assistance, and life skills training.
  3. Sponsor driving school sessions for program participants to enhance independence and mobility.
  4. Host empowerment outreach conferences for inspiration and networking opportunities.
  5. Facilitate career planning courses for high school students.

Services Offered:

  1. Transitional Housing: Renting homes in partnership with other outreach programs to establish transitional housing for individuals transitioning out of shelters or parole.
  2. Public Transportation: Providing monthly bus passes for three months to program participants.
  3. Credit Repair: Assisting individuals in repairing their credit to improve financial stability.
  4. Job Finding Assistance: Offering resume building, local job listings, mock interviews, and vouchers for interview clothing.
  5. Driving School Sponsorship: Sponsoring driving school sessions and providing study materials for written tests.
  6. Empowerment Outreach Conferences: Hosting conferences to inspire and network with individuals in the community.
  7. Grooming Makeovers: Providing grooming makeovers by stylists affiliated with Just Jessica Veale Enterprise LLC.
  8. Financial Coordination: Offering bill planning, budgeting, and savings skills training.
  9. Career Planning Courses: Providing career planning courses for high school students.

Funding Needs:

  1. Office Rent: $1,500 per month for 24 months ($36,000 total)
  2. Computers: 10 laptops at $200 each ($2,000 total)
  3. Driving Lessons: $75 per hour for 2 hours per person, twice a week for one month for 50 people ($15,000 total)
  4. Vouchers for Interview Clothing: $100 each for 50 people ($5,000 total)
  5. Bus Passes: $60 each for 50 people ($3,000 total)
  6. Grooming Makeovers: Funding for supplies ($1,000)
  7. Miscellaneous Expenses: To be determined based on program needs.

Conclusion: Helping Hands Victory Outreach is committed to serving the community and providing essential support services to individuals in need. With the support of funding and partnerships, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve, empowering them to achieve independence and success.

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