Igniting The Millionaire: Become Her to Be Her Anthology

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"Life's richness isn't measured by possessions, but by the depth of our experiences and the love we share."

Join Jessica Veale on a transformative journey through her chapter, 'Your Why,' in the anthology book 'Igniting the Millionaire, Become Her to Be Her.' In this empowering collection, Jessica unveils the profound truth that financial freedom is not only attainable but also aligned with God's divine will for our lives. Through her insightful contribution, Jessica sheds light on the misconception that Christians must endure financial struggles to lead a holy life. Instead, she passionately advocates for embracing God's promise of abundance and prosperity. With unwavering faith, Jessica encourages readers to surrender to God's will, unlocking a path to financial stability and living a life of purpose and abundance. Discover the key to breaking free from financial bondage and stepping into a future filled with God's blessings and prosperity."
It's time to focus, dream bigger, and BE FIERCE, BE HUNGRY. Be prepared to win and eat at the table!